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Black Friday Savings – All Year Long for Retirees

Black Friday Savings – All Year Long for Retirees

For retirees especially, being on a fixed income means always looking for a deal, and although Black Friday is full of flashy sales and huge discounts, it can leave you thinking, what about the rest of the year? Luckily, one of the perks that comes with retirement is that there are plenty of deals all year long offered at local stores near you, you just need to know where to go and who to ask to get Black Friday savings all year long.

Let’s start with meals. Your local grocery store and neighborhood restaurants might be offering savings that you didn’t even know about, and not just the early bird special. Some restaurants may also offer a discount to retirees in the form of daily deals or weeknight specials. To cut back on grocery expenses, you can use traditional coupons, but you should also always ask the manager to see if they can offer you any discount days or other special benefits.

Another activity that retirees generally spend a lot of time doing is traveling, but it costs can easily add up which is why it’s important to note that you might be able to cut costs on travel and transportation once you retire. Travel sites sometimes offer retirement deals and rates. Retirees spend more on average on travel than any other age group and searching around for a deal could end up greatly increasing your savings. Some cities also offer discounted public transportation rates to retirees. This could include anything from busses to trains and more, sometimes even for free. There’s also plenty that you can do to reduce your expenses in retirement so that you have more money to do what you want to do.

Some pharmacies might also offer benefits on medications and if you’re in need of a retirement wardrobe update, hundreds of stores also offer discounts to retirees. Along with this cellphone and internet providers may have deals and insurance companies could have discounts as well. The list goes on and on of different places you could save.

These are just a few of the many deals that retirees can find, and not just on Black Friday. So, when you go into a store, ask around to see if they have any special rates or deals. This way you can protect your hard-earned income by saving every day of the year. For more help with your retirement income and more, visit the professionals at Epstein & White. We can help you gather all the information you need to create a whole and complete retirement plan, from finances to lifestyle goals. Click here to schedule your no cost no obligation financial review today!

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