You might have a lot to look forward to in the 2020s. First of all, 2020 is over! Maybe your children will graduate from college, maybe you’ll become a grandparent, and maybe you’ll retire. The whole world also has a lot to look forward to in 2021, mostly the vaccine and the end of COVID (hopefully)! Here are four reasons to be optimistic about 2021.

The Postponed Tokyo Olympics

After a year of many canceled sporting events, we can all look forward to watching the world’s best athletes compete on TV. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed due to COVID and are rescheduled for July of 2021. They will be “the Games that conquered COVID,” even if they are held with a limited in-person audience. The Olympics have never before been postponed and were last canceled during World War II.[1]

The Mars Rover Landing

On February 18th, the Perseverance Rover is scheduled to land on the surface of Mars. It will look for signs of ancient life on the planet and collect rock and soil samples. It could also pave the way for human exploration of Mars by collecting information about the planet’s geology and climate.[2]

More Movies and TV Series

Was the new season of your favorite show postponed until 2021? This was the case with many series in 2020. Once production begins again, you can look forward to something new to watch – finally! It will also be a big year of movies. Many filmmakers didn’t want to release new movies when movie theatres were closed or mostly empty in 2020, so there is a pent-up supply of entertainment. Get ready for the 25th Bond film, and a Spielberg version of West Side Story, among others.

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[2] https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/press_kits/mars_2020/download/mars_2020_launch_press_kit.pdf

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