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Guide To Guaranteed Income

The Basics of Annuities

A Word From Your Presentor: Bradley R. White, CFP®

The Basics of AnnuitiesIn this little book, I’m going to teach you all of the reasons an annuity might be good fit for part of your retirement plan. I’m also going to teach you all of the reasons an annuity could be a horrible idea for you.

Confused yet? Don’t worry, you won’t be by the end of this book.

You see, annuities are the most polarizing investment term that has evidenced itself in my entire career. The mere mention of the word can illicit responses anywhere from “my parent’s annuity was a godsend to them and I’m very interested” to “I hate annuities and you must be a crook for even bringing them up.”

How is it possible for one investment to be this polarizing? It’s pretty simple actually. There are several completely different types of annuities, and they have drastically different characteristics from one type to the other. Even similar annuities can have vast differences just from one product, and from one company to another.

Furthermore, everybody’s financial situation is different, and the goals they have for their money can be different. This inherently means that a certain type of annuity can be a perfect fit to the needs of one person, and a bad idea for the next.

When choosing investments, it’s crucial to base your decision on sound logic and reason. A lack of education and understanding coupled with a preconceived bias about what you have “heard” in the past, causes people to make investment decisions emotionally and irrationally, instead.

That is the ultimate purpose of this book. It’s to provide you the education necessary around a complex and confusing topic so you can be armed with what you need to make a sound, logical decision about annuities. Whether an annuity ends up being a good idea for your retirement plan, or something to stay away from altogether – either way, as a retiree, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think you need to learn about them.

Guide To Guaranteed Income
Bradley R. White, CFP®

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Guide To Guaranteed Income:
The Basics of Annuities


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