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1709, 2021

Post-COVID Decluttering

September 17, 2021|Lifestyle|

If your nest isn’t as full as it once was, or you find you’ve accumulated a few too many things during COVID, consider decluttering. Having less clutter in your living space and better organization can help make a world of difference. If you’ve accumulated more possessions than you need over the last year and a half, consider these strategies for tidying up after COVID. The Kitchen [...]

1309, 2021

Retirement Has Changed – Have Your Plans?

September 13, 2021|Retirement Planning|

People are retiring differently today than in the past – just think, will you retire exactly like your parents did? Probably not. Retirement is no longer about the end of a career; it’s about the beginning of a new, often quite active phase of life that could last decades. And while this is something to celebrate, it also requires a plan to make savings last a [...]

1009, 2021

3 Priceless Pieces of Retirement Wisdom

September 10, 2021|Retirement|

You've worked the majority of your life and deserve to have many blissful years ahead. With a proper plan and execution strategy in place, you should be on track to accomplish your retirement goals and dreams. But while working on your finances, take time to consider these three priceless pieces of retirement wisdom. The first bit of wisdom is to try not to "check out" of [...]

309, 2021

Plan for the Tax Rates of the Future

September 3, 2021|Tax Planning, taxes|

Retirees may no longer receive taxable income from an employer, but they will likely receive income from other sources which can be taxed. And while we know what the tax rates are now, we don’t know what they’ll be in 10 or 20 years – or even one year from now. This is why it's important to plan for the tax rates of the future when [...]

2708, 2021

How This Generation Will Influence Culture

August 27, 2021|Lifestyle|

By the year 2035, Americans 65 and older are expected to outnumber those under 18 for the first time in our country’s history.[1] In a culture that tends to glorify youth and doesn't know how to handle older American's problems, this will mean some major changes. Whether it's through celebrities who refuse to retire, retirees who experience wanderlust and make travel a priority, or those who [...]

2608, 2021

How the Millionaire Next Door Can Approach Retirement Planning

August 26, 2021|Retirement Planning|

Many of today's retirees are the wealthiest retirees of all time. Rising home values, strong market returns, and a generation of dedicated workers mean that there are more millionaires than ever. But, even if you have built a substantial nest egg, you may not feel like a millionaire and may be worried about how you'll maintain your lifestyle in retirement and avoid running out of money. [...]


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