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2909, 2023

Inflation Can Affect Your Finances, Even In Small Amounts

September 29, 2023|Economy, Retirement Planning|

There’s been a lot of news about inflation lately. As of July, the inflation rate was around 3.2%.[1] This means that the cost of goods and services, including but not limited to items such as groceries, housing, and gas, has gone up by 3.2% since this time last year.[2] You might think 3.2% is a pretty small number, and maybe you haven’t noticed a huge jump [...]

2109, 2023

2 Ways to Help Take Care of Debt in Retirement

September 21, 2023|Financial Planning, Retirement Planning|

The unfortunate reality is that many Americans are now headed into retirement with some amount of debt.[1] In 2016, almost 61% of Americans were moving into the retirement stage of their life with unpaid debt.[1] And while you may think that your expenses will decrease once you retire, that isn’t always the case.[1] Sometimes, your expenses may stay the same, and other times, your expenses could [...]

1109, 2023

The Role of Charity in Your Retirement

September 11, 2023|Charity|

Everyone wants to give back in one way or another. After you’ve spent your whole life working, you may find that in retirement, you want to give some money to charity. But if you are living off of income streams from sources like your retirement accounts and Social Security, you may be worried about finding a way to make charity work for your financial picture. Most [...]

809, 2023

A Strategy Guide for When to Claim Social Security

September 8, 2023|Social Security|

Deciding when you claim Social Security is a key part of the puzzle for your retirement plan. You can withdraw as soon as you turn 62, but you can also delay your claim until you are 70 years old. There are pros and cons to each, so how do you know which age is right for you? Withdrawing at 62 People who withdraw before their “full [...]

3008, 2023

Should I Convert My 401(k) To A Roth IRA?

August 30, 2023|Investment Strategies, Retirement Income|

Let’s say you’ve just changed jobs. What are you going to do with your 401(k)? You may be able to convert your 401(k) to a Roth IRA, but is that a good option for you? In this article, we’ll talk about what happens when you make this conversion and give you some examples of different financial situations for when this could be the right move for [...]

2208, 2023

A Refresher on Estate Planning Basics

August 22, 2023|Estate Planning|

Estate planning is a big deal. It’s a way for us to leave what we’ve built over the course of our lives to our loved ones. Gifts of property and belongings can pass on a sense of family, care, and love and can also help your loved ones financially. So, what is the first and most important thing to do when it comes to estate planning? [...]


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