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1511, 2021

Plan for the Tax Rates of the Future

November 15, 2021|Tax Planning, taxes|

Retirees may no longer receive taxable income from an employer, but they will likely receive income from other sources which can be taxed. And while we know what the tax rates are now, we don’t know what they’ll be in 10 or 20 years – or even one year from now. This is why it's important to plan for the tax rates of the future when [...]

1211, 2021

Three Eroding Forces on Your Retirement Savings

November 12, 2021|Retirement Income, Retirement Planning|

Over 60% of Baby Boomers are more afraid of running out of money than of dying, according to a recent survey.[1] Even retirees who have saved a substantial amount for retirement may be worried about outliving their savings, and there may be good reasons for this. The potential for higher taxes, inflation, and healthcare costs are three eroding forces on your retirement savings. Taxes Could Affect Your [...]

511, 2021

Your Health is Priceless – But How Much Will It Cost You?

November 5, 2021|Healthcare, Medicare|

One of your largest retirement expenses could be your healthcare costs. An average 65-year-old couple retiring today will need an estimated $300,000 to cover their healthcare costs, according to a recent study.[1] Although good health is priceless, it could cost you in retirement. First, know what you can do during the Medicare Fall Open Enrollment period. You Can Switch From Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage Original [...]

2810, 2021

How Would You Handle a Retirement Curveball?

October 28, 2021|Retirement Planning|

Sometimes life gives us lemons, as the saying goes. In order to make lemonade, you need a plan. Whether it’s a financial crisis or a personal setback, there are events that can upend your retirement if you’re not prepared. Have a plan for handling retirement curveballs if they come your way. An Earlier-Than-Expected Retirement It can be much harder for someone over 50 to find a [...]

1510, 2021

Tips On How to Be a Lifelong Athlete

October 15, 2021|Health & Wellness, Lifestyle|

If you’ve been watching tennis, you may be interested to know that about 12% of U.S. tennis players are between 45 and 55, and 11% are 55 and older.[1] There are many sports that you can enjoy and excel at in your 50s and beyond. Plus, regular exercise could help you stay active for longer and combat heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.[2] Here are [...]

1310, 2021

Examining the Future of Social Security, Medicare, and Your Taxes

October 13, 2021|Medicare, Retirement Planning, Social Security, taxes|

The Social Security trust fund is now expected to be depleted by 2034, according to a recent report from the Social Security and Medicare trustees.[1] That’s one year earlier than they reported last year, and the pandemic is to blame. Less was collected in payroll taxes when unemployment was high, and more people claimed benefits. Although this information may seem like a death sentence for the program, [...]


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