Legacy Planning

It’s not just about you. It’s not just about now.

Epstein & White, Now Proudly Part of Mercer Advisors Financial Services

Proper estate planning and legacy planning in San Diego is a crucial component to efficiently protecting and passing along your assets to your heirs. Whether it be to loved family members or to a charitable organization close to your heart, we want to help make sure the goals you have for the assets you have worked so hard to build get carried out as you intend.

Estate plans require a high level of attention to detail in order to efficiently minimize related taxes for your family, heirs, or charitable organization while avoiding probate. Even a small mistake can prove to be very expensive and potentially invalidate your legal documents. At Epstein & White, Proudly Part of Mercer Advisors, we have the expertise in helping our clients create leverage to maximize the estate they leave behind. We also have extensive experience working with trusted CPAs and attorneys to help ensure these assets are passed as tax efficiently as possible while avoiding probate.

One of our close partners, The Law Firm Of Strazzeri Mancini LLP, help serve many of our Epstein & White, Now Proudly Part of Mercer Advisors families on their estate planning and beneficiary asset protection planning needs. To learn more about our relationship and the ways in which Strazzeri Mancini can help you and your unique situation, click here or below to view their “Protecting Promises” brochure where it’s all about helping to protect families and their hard-earned assets.





The highly qualified financial professionals at Epstein & White, Proudly Part of Mercer Advisors can work with you to identify your goals and dreams in retirement. Then we’ll develop strategies to help make those goals and dreams a reality. Click the button below to learn more about the value of working with Epstein and White.

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Mercer Advisors is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice to clients. All estate planning document preparation and other legal advice are provided through Advanced Services Law Group, Inc.

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